Monday, 25 June 2012

Education Department FAIL!

  1. In South Africa our academic year starts in January and ends in December.
  2. This means that we are now half way through the school year
  3. The Limpopo Province has not yet received their texbooks for the year 2012*
  4. *Textbooks mentioned are for Grades R, 1, 2, 3 and 10
Shocking yes?

This is a 3rd world country and if we ever want to get ahead we HAVE to focus on the education of our children. This is a very simple equasion - no rocket science required.

Why is it then that the Government/Education Dept cannot even get the delivery of textbooks right? It would seem that there were some issues of maladministration in the Limpopo Education Department and due to this they have been run by the National Department since December. Now one would imagine that the National Dept would get it right - it is clear now that one would be wrong. Regardless of a High Court order wich decreed that the non delivery of textbooks were against our Constitution and which set a deadline (June 15th) for delivery, the books have still not arrived.

Furthermore the Democratic Alliance came upon the burning and shredding of texbooks - not old ones as claimed by our Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga - but new ones - some still in their original packaging.

The problem now is that there are factions calling for a free pass for these students. This would at first seem fair because they should be failed as they were not doing anything wrong. If we do however give them the free pass they will not know the work for the year and therefore not be ready for the next years lessons.

There is no explanation to this crisis that will satify me. There is no explanation that will ensure these kids regain the time they've lost. There is no explanation that will include truth and disciplinary action against the administration.

There are only excuses and blame-shifting.


Here is a link to all the News 24 articles thus far if you would like to follow the saga on that platform.

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  1. Shocking! And quite similar to what's happening in Mexico too. We do get the books, but the teachers are part of a huge Union and its leaders are all but honest. So, teachers have to go to a ridiculous amount of meetings, manifestations and such - leaving our kids without proper education for weeks or even months.

    Hope that situation gets solved at S.A. as quick as possible! Excellent education makes an excellent Country.


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